Vega Capital is a global financial advisory providing confidential and unique financial advisory services to clients across all aspects of an M&A deal lifecycle. We are based in the Middle East with partner offices in the New York and London.

M&A Advisory Services

We support management teams through a diverse team consisting of M&A specialist as well as Industry leaders. From identifying opportunities to creating value post-deal, our award-winning teams of M&A global specialists have a rich understanding of accelerating growth and managing risk, anchored in real-world experience. We have a structured approach which starts with ensuring the Data Room is well set-up and the various teams are organised to move quickly to Non Binding Offer and Binding Offer. Critical part of our work is to develop management presentations that tell the equity story and or synergy analysis. Our experience with legal teams and accountants means we can offload some of the detailed documentation from our clients and drive results quickly.

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Valuation & Modelling

We deploy specialist skilled teams to develop detailed financial models with critical WACC and sensitivity analysis. We will review the business inputs and use a tornado chart approach using various approaches - DCF, Multiples EBITDA, PE etc. and then uniquely apply real judgment to support client objectives. Our approach to modelling is to not only develop the financial models but to provide overlay of industry insights such that real interpretation of numbers can then be made.

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Debt Advisory Services

We help clients analyse their credit rating trajectory with a full balance sheet review that provides recommendations to optimise their capital structure. We can advise on the restructure of your corporate debt by negotiating with lenders to extend loan terms, refinance your debt by finding more favourable lending options, assisting you to raise your capital through debt financing, such as by issuing bonds or taking out loans. Overall, our debt advisory services can help you better manage your debt structure and improve your financial returns. We develop a comprehensive funding strategy based on the capital structure requirements and also will deep dive Financial Model, Business Plan, Management Presentations and spend time working with you to develop bespoke actionable strategies to optimise equity and debt.

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Transaction PMO Services

Our core area of excellence is where we take all the pressure off our clients by managing and coordinating all activities on your behalf. Transactions of any nature require different work streams to be marshalled and data to be captured to support documentation and marketing requirements. We deploy our key resources to manage the critical path and ensure timelines for all work streams are delivered on time. In addition we support Bank Syndicate RFP development, Scoring and financial benchmarking for fees. We understand all the major banks strengths and focus areas and keep a proprietary database for client feedback and scoring purposes.

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